Lineage 2 – Trial Of The Challenger – Walkthrough

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  • Begin quest in Dion Town with NPC Kash

  • To begin this quest find the NPC Kash in Dion Castle Town. To reach his location, just go to the storage building and he’s across from the opening of the building. To reach the storage building you have to go north from the center of town and take a right at the end of the fighter’s guild building.


  • Kash asks you to get Shyslassys Ancient Scroll

  • If you talk with Kash and accept the quest, he advises you to go to Shyslassys Cave. The cave is in the area of the Dark Magic Institute. It is at the back of the Swamp Area Waterfalls. There he wants you to get him the quest item Shyslassys Ancient Scroll.


Quest Mob

Scroll Of Shyslassys

  • Hunt Shisrashi and return to Kash

  • If you move to the back of the waterfalls, where cave basilisks are, is Shisrashi (Medusa-type of quest monster). If you are about level 40, it will be easy. Once you kill her, you will receive the quest item “Shisrashi’s Ancient Scroll”. Description: “Ancient scroll received when you kill Shisrashi. This must be taken to Dion Castle Town’s Kash.”
  • Kash sends you to Giran

  • Once you have given Kash Shisrashi’s Ancient Scroll, he will tell you to go find Martian in Giran Castle Town. You will recieve the quest item Kash’s Introduction. Martian is located in the very top-right of Giran Town (look at location on map).


  • Martian will ask you to be a hero and kill monsters in Flouran Town. The quest monster’s name is Gorr.



Watcher Eye

  • Martian sends you to hunt Baraham.




  • Speak with Champion Raldo.Champion Raldo warns of an evil that will be resurrected.
  • Speak with Filaur of the Gray Pillar in the Dwarven Village.


  • Filaur sends you to the Mithril Mine

  • Filaur says in the deepest spot in Mithril Mine is where the Succubus Queen wanders around. First use the gatekeeper to teleport to the Northern Shores and follow the road south from there. Go down below and you will see the place where the succubus monster appears.

Succubus Queen

After you kill the Succubus Queen Raldo will reaper.Speak with him again.

RaldoRaldoMark Of Challenger

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