Buy a Graphics Card with Eve Online PLEX

Buy a Graphics Card with Eve Online PLEX

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Today at Eve Fanfest, CCP announced that it would allow players to start purchasing real-world items with ISK earned in Eve Online.

CCP will make available 100 Nvidia GeForce GTX560 graphics cards for the price of 20 PLEX or about $299, if you bought the PLEX with real money. Eve accounts are limited to one graphics card, so if you happen to be an EvE billionare, you won’t be able to buy a bunch if you planned on reselling them.

This is quite a step for CCP to take, by allowing people to use an in-game currency to buy real-world items. Currently there’s a limited supply and only one item, but it’ll be interesting to see if CCP expands this in the future to including more items or even open up a full store if this proves to be a success.


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