Continent of the Ninth Seal – Review
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Developer - NHN Games (Webzen)
Publisher - Webzen
Playerbase - High
Graphics - High Quality
Graphics/System Requirements Ratio - Very Good
Type - Action MMO (no cursor, aka point and click)
EXP Rate - Low
PvP - Arena / Intrusion System
PvE - Dungeon based grind – solo or co-op
Filesize - 4.8 GB
Would I Play It? - No (see review for reason)

Continent of the Ninth Seal – Review

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Good: Great graphics.In-depth character creation.Solid storyline.Action oriented gameplay.Multiple PvP modes.Intrusion and Invasion features.FPS style controls. Awesome soundtrack.
Bad: Gender locked classes.No auto-walk.Slight learning curve for controls.Crafting options could be better.Shop items and weapons limited.
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Continent of the 9th Seal (C9 for short) is a Korean action MMORPG developed by ex-gaming company NHN Games and currently is being published globally by Webzen.

First Impressions:

Webzen did a very good job as producer and publisher of the game. The website is very noob friendly and provides a large amount of information regarding every aspect of the game.

More helpful tips can be found in game, so much actually that somehow becomes annoying; literally you can read about every aspect of the game.

It’s nothing unusual though since Webzen has been in the game industry for a long time, with very well known games such as Mu Online and Archlord.

C9 doesn’t lack a community. The player base is pretty big and the forums are very much alive, meaning C9 is a very healthy game.


C9 lore is a bit odd since names resemble Northern Mythology yet the game is Asian in every way. Basically players are the only ones that can stop Armageddon and a whole bunch of evil creatures that want to run loose.

Interface and graphics:

C9 is a high quality game in terms of graphics, a very important aspect considering it’s a free game. It is not a demanding game and runs very smooth on my PC (Athlon Quad Core, 8 GB DDR 3, GeForce 440), even at high settings I constantly get around 50-60 FPS.

The interface is user friendly, but you need to switch to mouse mode to use it, by pressing Ctrl key. One thing I don’t like is the chat and system message windows overlaying the loading screen; doesn’t allow me to read tips very well.


When it comes to action MMOs, some people start using words like: “innovating” and “unrivaled”. Although the look of this type of MMO seems fresh, they are hardly “next generation MMORPGs”; “Gothic” or “The Elder Scrolls” were some “fresh” RPGs.

C9 is a very demanding game when it comes to handling your character. It’s indeed packed with action, action which somehow doesn’t suit my PC gamer preferences. I haven’t played console games since the original Nintendo and when you come across a game like C9 or PSO 2 for that matter, your keyboard and mouse suddenly become useless for you.

At first I felt scared and annoyed, somewhat similar to when I used to play Samurai Showdown and got beaten again and again by Gen-An or Hanzo. But step by step, combo after combo you start knowing your character, you start grabbing enemies by the throat, jumping and slashing in the air, turning, rolling, kicking and running.

The more enemies you have to face, the happier you become, until suddenly you face the final boss, which although its unnatural size, runs and moves like a gazelle. Little by little your technique becomes more refined and your style becomes better, bad becomes good, and good becomes excellent.

I admit I had fun playing it, it certainly seems more rapid then TERA. I can’t compare to Vindictus since I grew old waiting for the Euro version. But in the 15+ hours I’ve spent in the game, all of this action-excitement gaming experience seemed a little dull. Why is that?

First of all there is no open world. For me, that is a real minus and the reason why I wouldn’t play this game as my main game. As a Lineage 2 fan this comes against everything I enjoy in a MMO. Where’s the running and exploring? It’s just dungeon grind, same like in Mythos, a game which unfortunately bored me to death in less than a week.

I understand that for an action MMO, ping can be a life or death issue and making everything instanced, drastically improves game play quality. But HAVING everything instanced is just sad, and that is just my personal opinion.

Everything in the game world revolves around dungeons:

  • Quests solo or co-op
  • Grind solo or co-op
  • PVP solo or Team (the intrusion system)

The only alternative to dungeons is “the PVP arena” which is another instanced zone. There’s no “Massive” in this, it’s just action MORPG. If this game has a greater goal, then I am certainly missing it.

Again this is just my opinion and I know there are a lot of enthusiastic players that do not share it, but everyone is entitled to their own, are we not?

Besides dungeons and PVP arenas, players can learn different occupations to help them in the game process, unfortunately you can choose only one so make sure you choose wisely.

  • Metalworking
  • Woodworking
  • Cooking
  • Alchemy
  • Tailoring

After choosing an occupation you can craft your own equipment, with ingredients obtained from dungeons or from trade officer (auction house).

Features worth mentioning:

  • Intrusion System – A system in which other players can assault and try to take over your stage; players doing stages have an option of turning on/off the intrusion; a number of players at most equal to the number of players doing the stage can intrude; an intruded stage will reward with more gold, XP and less fatigue; also it rewards players with various items;
  • Mentoring System – Players of level 40 or above can mentor newbie players of level 25 and lower; mentees get 40% increased XP and mentors receive guild points and mentor’s symbols;
  • Fury mode – A system found in many games; a gauge will fill up and allow players to enter fury mode when full; for 30 seconds players gain super powers;
  • PVP arena system – PVP arenas offer a variety of matches to choose from; it rewards players of level 10 and above with Arena Points, these points can be used to buy various items;

As a conclusion I would say that Continent of the 9th Seal is a great game for casual players, since it takes about 20 minutes to clear a stage and finish a bunch of quests while doing it. It’s also a very fast paced RPG, which may not appeal to everyone, specially the constant use of combos, but it’s definitely worth the try.

Have fun gaming, AncientEvil

Continent of the Ninth Seal - Review, 8.1 out of 10 based on 8 ratings

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  1. david
    October 31, 2012, 8:23 pm

    Oooooo Its so much like Vindictus! Well in the hack and slash aspect!

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Continent of the Ninth Seal Overview

A fast paced action MMORPG based on dungeon exploration and arena battles.

It offers players a variety of classes to play:4 basic classes, each one allowing players to evolve differently and into one of the 4 additional secondary classes:

Fighter – Guardian, Warrior, Blade Master, Berserker
Shaman – Illusionist, Taoist, Elementalist, Reaperess
Hunter – Ranger, Assassin, Scout, Shadow; and Bullet Shooter (in the Korean version)
Witchblade – Slayer, Warden, Blade Dancer, Night Stalker

The game is based on dungeon exploration and allows other players to intrude and PVP inside your own dungeon. It also provides a Guild System with housing, arena PVP, crafting and occupational jobs.

The fatigue system, mentor system and achievement system are also worth mentioning for spicing up the game environment.

A game definitely not designed for a normal mouse and keyboard, not with the combo system which requires very good reflexes and a good imagination and knowledge of the character you play with.

Continent of the Ninth Seal - Review, 8.1 out of 10 based on 8 ratings

Continent of the Ninth Seal Online Videos

Continent of the Ninth Seal - Review, 8.1 out of 10 based on 8 ratings

Continent of the Ninth Seal System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
Operating System [OS]:
Windows XP / Vista / 2000
AMD Athlon XP 2400+ or Intel single-core 2.4GHz
512 MB Free
Graphics Card:
ATI Radeon 9800 or Geforce 6600 series
Hard Disk Space
4 GB Free





Recommended Specs:
Operating System [OS]:
Windows XP / Vista / 2000
AMD Athlon 64 x2 6000+ or Intel dual-core 3.0GHz
1 GB Free
Graphics Card:
ATI Radeon HD 1900, Geforce 8000 series
Hard Disk Space
6 GB Free
Continent of the Ninth Seal - Review, 8.1 out of 10 based on 8 ratings